09.12.2014 / Krakow

Instituto Cervantes
ul. Kanonicza 12
(POLONIA)  09/12/2014 (18:00 h)

GLOBALOCAL: Rodrigo García + Maciej Siuda

We live in times of Google. With the development of internet, the boundary between the global and the local is deformed creating space for a new phenomenon: globalocal. The experiences of different countries have been mixed, new forms of communication via Skype or WhatsApp have opened possibilities develop local projects from an international perspective. In recent years, along with a common concept ” work local, think global” has appear other, perhaps equally important, “think local work global”. These changes have created new architectural effects, a fresh hybrid space that gradually finding their identity in the real world.
Meet the architects Rodrigo Garcia and Maciej Siuda who presented the idea Freshlatino2 and discuss their work included in the sample. The meeting will be moderated by Aleksandra Lipczak
within Freshlatino2.


Rodrigo Garcia, Architect
Maciej Siuda
Aleksandra Lipczak, Journalist

Instituto Cervantes (Krakow)


Pauza Gallery (Krakow)

Sponsoring entities

Architektura & Biznes


Free entry /



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