27.10.2014 / RCA London

During the last week, Rodrigo garcía was invaited as visiting tutor to run a CrossRCA workshop.

Omnichannel: The Future of Shopping was run to a live design brief from John Lewis plc, one of the UK’s best-known department stores, with students invited to respond to the concept of ‘omnichannel retail’ and bridge the gap between physical and virtual shopping.



The creation of a single unified consumer experience, when physical and virtual shopping experiences are seamlessly integrated. Whether retailers like it or not, the customer has begun to move with much greater fluidity between physical, mobile and PC-based interfaces. For this reason, it is critical that brands maintain consistency between online and off-line channels in terms of products, campaigns, promotions and pricing. The consumer’s journey will become complex, and his or her cross-platform demands may become harder to service or fulfil. For instance, a customer might research and pay for something online for in-store collection, exchange it for something else in-store and request that it is delivered to his or her home or office. Despite the inherent challenges, the retailer will need to provide a seamless service across all channels.

Here the challenge was to explore, generate and develop innovative concepts around Retail Theatre, aiming for a delightful, rich customer experience that is an integrated fusion of the power of the physical and the virtual worlds.

TUTORS  Royal College of Art

Dr John Stevens Senior Tutor GID

Tim Corvin Brand consultant, Visiting Tutor GID

Rodrigo García González Visiting Tutor GID

Dr Andrew Muir-Wood ZombieLabs, Visiting Tutor GID

Guillaume Drapier Comete Motocycles, Visiting Tutor GID

Matt Johnson Bare Conductive, Visiting Tutor GID/IDE


Paul Coby IT Director

John Vary Innovation Manager

Seb Wolzak Innovation Consultant

Alex Santos Innovation Consultant


Koraldo Kajanaku Global Innovation Design

Ka Hei Suen Innovation Design Engineering

Zara Ashby Interior Design

Yue Wei Textiles

Kaneeka Agarwal Service Design

Taylan Tahir Architecture

Takuma Kishida Global Innovation Design-visitor

Michael Andrea Innovation Design Engineering

Andrea Fischer Service Design

Chee Ho Yoon Service Design

Lara Al-Hadeedi Visual Communication

Yolanda Cao Shiyuan Global Innovation Design-visitor

Tiffany Diya Xu Global Innovation Design-visitor

Alex Loudon Design Products

Carla Curtis-Tansley Global Innovation Design

Eve Hoffmann Interior Design

Klaudia Doerffer Service Design

Eve Zaunbrecher History of Design

Rosann Ling Interior Design

Mandana Dilmaghani Service Design

Kim Norrie Textiles

Anu Lingala History of Design

Andre McQueen Innovation Design Engineering

Song Wei Teo Interior Design


DSC02113 DSC02129 DSC02125ssrca/


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