20.10.2015 / London

Rodrigo García had been appointed as a new lecturer in Product and Furniture Design at the Design School ,the Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture of Kingston University London http://www.thedesignschool.co.uk/ http://fada.kingston.ac.uk/

Captura de pantalla 2014-12-30 a las 22.47.4830-12-2014Courses

The school comprises of over 900 students studying a wide variety of subjects and disciplines in design across 13 courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level, taught by over 30 academic members of staff and 45 visiting tutors. The Design School is a dynamic, forward-thinking and creatively challenging environment – a community of students, educators, practitioners and researchers.

We recognise the commitment and ability required to qualify for and commence studies in higher education and we will do all we can to ensure that your time at Kingston University is as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible. You have chosen to study on an internationally distinctive course – we aim to ensure your experiences surpass your expectations. The faculty offers a supportive and creative environment for you to explore the boundaries of your chosen subject and you are also actively encouraged to engage in interdisciplinary opportunities; cross-course, cross-schools and cross-faculty.

Engaging in creative thinking and working processes is a complex activity – your course provides the structure and framework for your academic and personal development but please remember that your contribution is essential. Your enthusiasm and drive will play a significant role in shaping your education as well as in helping you to achieve the maximum from your experiences in art and design and will be crucial in your development as a contemporary designer.

We hope that you will feel confident to explore, challenge and develop the ideas, issues and themes we will present to you. The development of the disciplines relies upon the input you make, in open and critical debate and dialogue, with your peers and staff team. We aim to graduate creative practitioners and researchers clearly engaged in and aware of their ethical, moral, social and environmental responsibilities, as 21st century citizens.

About the School

Tomorrow’s designers need to be able to think critically and act practically; they are required to be contextually insightful & creative and therefore well placed to meet new challenges in a strategic, ambitious and perhaps entrepreneurial manner. The School is concerned with creative rigour in the context of Design education, practice, research and enterprise. It is a critically engaged community of Design practitioners, educators, researchers and entrepreneurs. It is a school which is discipline focused and in which making is central to its practice.

In the Design School we believe discipline excellence and knowledge are key to the development of confident, agile and creative contemporary design practitioners meeting and setting the challenges for society and industry. Thinking and doing underpin design practice across the school and supports the students as their work traverses disciplines and subjects in hybrid spaces defining the emerging roles and responsibilities for designers of the future.

We aspire to design practice that is vested with personality, purpose and vision resulting from an appetite for life and a desire to make a difference. As a school we aim to graduate creative designers and researchers clearly engaged in and aware of their ethical, moral, social and environmental responsibilities, as 21st century citizens.


The Design School counts many of Britain’s most successful creative practitioners among its graduates and we have awarded honorary doctorates to James Irvine, Jasper Morrison, Michele de Lucchi, Shelley Page and, this year, Matthew Hilton.


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