19.10.2014/ Pejton, Kosovo

Parking lot in ‘’Pejton ’’ Neighborhood

tutors: Maciej Siuda & Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez

participants: Ardi Ukshini, Dren Ahmeti, Edona Klaqi, Errita Zuna, Kosovare Sadiku, Martina Culaj, Rrona Berisha, Rinor Bujupaj.

Focusing in the local problematic of Pejton they will face a global problem: the interactions between the cars and cities. The car is designed in order to make pleasant the way we transport ourself however there is not too much thinking in how we can benefit from it when is park. There is a way to convert this private element invader of the public space of the city into something valuable for the citizens? From the point of view of Architecture and Sustainability which are the solutions and alternatives that we can offer? The workshop will focus in implementing different techniques of design thinking, brainstorming and group dynamics to tackle together in a creative way the challenge of the parking lot in Pejton.

1014422_593641687424397_4413034827712988869_n“Cities are evolving every day, changing their concept of life and architecture towards a life without brightness and nature. Why don’t we create something, which solves our problems for now, survives for decades and becomes part of our identity? / This is how we came with the idea of the Bollard Hats. Bollards happen to be placed all around Prishtina. Their only function these days is to prevent the cars to park on the side walk, otherwise they just meaningless. That’s the reason why we dedicated to modify them a bit. We already know that Prishtia is thinking of adding bollards in Pejton. Our only change is to make it multifunctional and we achieved it through our idea. Also, itʼs a project, which can be used on the existing ones so itʼs cheaper to apply them. Its unique design provides the ability to be changeable and removable, according to the situation. The fact that we came up with 100 ideas for these hats in less than 3 days tell that there are so many ways for them to be applied.” 10369689_593641004091132_637805327803210158_n 10712708_596578867130679_6028689806189315852_n 10557207_593641697424396_2942044813916335371_n 10698631_593641227424443_1237916324723765556_n

10634128_611997442255488_464020195180575188_o-1 68965_595434400578459_3726265974149853606_n 10363105_595952857193280_6271325328711320562_n   10394004_596579017130664_7379677725712182019_n 10404309_596578983797334_1158942436351414737_n 10672113_596579130463986_1594365477074414222_n 10402756_596578870464012_5773012947335267018_n  10372503_596579023797330_6599611325081722385_n 10712971_596579073797325_953479692678868392_n

ECOWEEK kosovo Poster_small2


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