9.10.2014 / London

Ellen MacArthur received Utstickarpriset 2013 from Polarbröd design and made by Chan Yu Ding, Oluwaseyi Sosanya, Rodrigo García.

Nine years ago Ellen MacArthur broke the world record for the fastest solo circumnavigation of the globe. Both through her sailing and through the Ellen MacArthur Cancer trust, she has encouraged young people to regain their confidence when recovering from cancer and other serious illnesses. Ellen MacArthur is also the founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, aiming to inspire a generation to re-think the world, through the framework of a circular economy.


In 2013 Ellen MacArthur received Utstickarpriset from Polarbröd for her outstanding leadership skills and bravery. As MacArthur could not be present at the price ceremony in Stockholm she was awarded the price at the Swedish residence in London a year later.

The Swedish term utstickare is closely connected to Polarbröd. Utstickare is a tool that you use to cut out breadcakes from the bread dough.

Polarbröd is a family-owned company with deep roots in the north of Sweden. It is a company based on traditional values that also embraces innovative and forward thinking methods. The company’s commitment to ecological and social responsibility, smart transport and sustainability is most inspiring and it was a pleasure to learn more about the business.




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