6 – 8.10.2014/ Budapest, Hungary


Skipping Rocks Lab, (Pierre Paslier, Guillaume Couche and Rodrigo García) will be speaking at the 11th Global Bottled Water Congress in Budapest, Hungary.


Monday 6 October

  • 13.30




  • 14.00

    Global beverage market trends

    Richard Hall, Chairman of Zenith International Ltd

  • 14.20

    Global bottled water market trends

    Matt Wilton, Commercial Consulting Director of Zenith International Ltd

  • 14.40

    Bottled water innovation around the world

    Bill Bruce, Group Editorial Director of FoodBev Media Ltd

  • 15.00

    Questions and discussion

  • 15.15

    Hydration and networking break

  • 15.45

    Global flavoured and functional water market trends

    Esther Renfrew, Market Intelligence Director of Zenith International Ltd

  • 16.05

    European bottled and point of use water cooler market update

    Marta Babits, Regional Research Consultant for Zenith International Ltd

  • 16.25

    Crowdsourcing: placing consumers at the centre of innovation and creativity

    François Pétavy, Chief Executive Officer of eYeka

  • 16.45

    Questions and discussion

  • 17.00


  • 19.00

    Welcome reception

  • 19.30


  • 22.00


Tuesday 7 October


  • 09.00

    Combining tradition and innovation

    Levente Balogh, Chief Executive Officer of Szentkiralyi, Hungary

  • 09.15

    Building premium brands in a competitive market

    Piotr Kamecki, Water & Wine Projects Advisor for Polskie Zdroje/Cisowianka, Poland

  • 09.30

    Achieving value in a wider portfolio

    Antonios Markopoulos, Project Manager – Strategic Initiatives for Delhaize Group, Serbia

  • 09.45

    Questions and discussion

  • 10.15

    Hydration and networking break


  • 11.00

    Keynote address: Deepening consumer understanding of healthy

    Marco Settembri, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Waters

  • 11.30

    Challenging established thinking

    Andy Peykoff Snr, Founder and Chairman of Niagara Bottling LLC, United States

  • 11.50

    Questions and discussion

  • 12.20

    Staying in front: Navigating the expectations of regulatory and private standards

    Robert Prevendar, Global Managing Director – Supply Chain Food Safety at NSF International

  • 12.30

    Being a game changer or adapting to a fast changing beverage world

    Jean-Marc Philbois, President – Global Market Development for Aptar Food + Beverage, France

  • 12.40



  • 14.00

    Innovation in China – delivering success through reshaping the business model, not just the package

    Patric Dougan, Chief Executive Officer of Tibet Highland Natural Water Ltd, Tibet

  • 14.20

    AquaBall: promoting healthy hydration to kids

    Lance Leonard, President and Chief Executive Officer of True Drinks Inc, United States

  • 14.40

    Implications of home dispense

    Edouard Sterngold, Chief Executive Officer of Bevyz, Netherlands

  • 15.00

    Questions and discussion

  • 15.20

    Water closures – convenient but lightweight. That’s smart.

    Volker Spiesmacher, Marketing and Sales Director of Bericap GmbH, Germany

  • 15.30

    Rehydration and networking break


  • 16.00

    Smart investment

    William Anderson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of First Beverage Group

  • Entrepreneur shoot out

  • 16.15

    Skin H2O: change the way you drink

    Harparam Sandhu, Founder of Skin H2O, United States

  • 16.25

    Ooho: a revolution in packaging

    Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, Creator of Ooho, Spain

  • 16.35

    KiKi Maple Sweet Water: naturally functional

    Keith Harris, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Troll Bridge Creek, Canada

  • 16.45

    Panel review

    Panel will comment on innovator presentations, brand building and financing future expansion

    William Anderson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of First Beverage Group, United States
    Lonneke van de Pas, Client Brand Director at Cartils, Netherlands
    Antonios Markopoulos, Project Manager – Strategic Initiatives for Delhaize Group, Serbia

  • 17.20

    Closing remarks from Richard Hall, Chairman of Zenith International Ltd

  • 17.30


Wednesday 8 October

  • 08.00



  • 08.30

    Coach departs for the 90 minute drive to Szentkiralyi,  a small village established by Hungary’s inaugural King, Saint Stephen I. Protected by a chapel, the Szentkiralyi source flows at a depth of 206 metres, running through layers of ice age rock to produce a water with an optimal mineral content of 520 mg per litre.

    Szentkiralyi Mineral Water Ltd was established in 2003, taking over distribution from Vitapress Ltd, which had represented the brand since 1994. The company has evolved from small beginnings to winning over 50 industry awards and becoming Hungary’s market leader, with an annual production capacity of 450 million litres.

    Tour includes refreshments and light lunch.

  • 14.30

    Return to hotel


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