24.09.2014 / Science Museum, London

Rodrigo Garcia will give a talk about Magic, Science and Design in the Science Museum as part of the LATES science of Illusion on the 24.09.2014, Magical World in the Magical World,

Place: Science in the 18th Century
19.30–20.00, 20.15–20.45, 21.00–21.30
Magic is the art of producing illusions. Magicians
create a mysteriously enchanting reality and share
it with the audience. Revolutionary designers also
try to create a new reality or alter something’s
existing form. So they both convert fiction into reality
and make the impossible possible. Designers and
magicians could share tools and objectives as they
look to create things that don’t exist: invisibility,
levitation, transposition, transformation, attraction,
Places limited to 80 visitors.


Be a part of live, interactive experiments, watch magic demonstrations and uncover the scientific secrets and historic techniques of illusionists in this month’s Lates with Mastercard.

From learning about fake 19th Century fairies to witnessing cosmic rays in a pint glass, audiences will discover the science of illusion and magic. Visitors will also get a chance to see our new photography exhibition Joan Fontcuberta: Stranger Than Fiction,featuring mythical beasts and miracles, for half price, plus all the regular highlights of live music, a pub quiz, Punk Science: The Gameshow and silent disco on Wednesday  24 September, 18.45 – 22.00.

September Lates Map - FINAL-1September Lates Map - FINAL-2



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