24-25.09.2014 / Barcelona

Skipping Rocks Lab at the ENG’s Techscout 2014: Strategic Venturing & Innovation Excellence. Pierre Paslier and Guillaume Couche will speak at NH Constanza Barcelona on the 24th of September.

Moving into the next generation of external search and partnership for long and short term technology growth

In a fast-paced world where new technologies come to light every day, companies have to fight for the position of technology leader. That is why external innovation and strategic partnership play a key role in company growth. Companies need specific scouting strategies and intelligent technology investment plans. Well managed external partnering will lead to an increase of quality technology, expansion of the product portfolio and discovery of new business models and markets. Whether this is done through an open innovation platform, separate corporate venturing subsidiary or establishing joint ventures, it is driving global business forward.

This summit brings together leading innovation, R&D and corporate venturing executives from top companies and a cross section of industries. We offer an excellent mix of strategic insight, product case studies and interactive panels to help your company grow technology and establish meaningful and successful partnerships.



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