13.07.2014 / Szczecin

Maciej Siuda and Rodrigo García are invited as tutors to OSSA 2014.plakat_02min

We will face and follow the theme of ENTROPY. We want to answer a bunch of questions that usually tend to be only the subject of physics but actually relate both to the problems of today’s society and furthermore directly to architecture and urban planning.

Is it possible to find the rhythm in the chaos? One rule, according to which seemingly not coherent elements have been scattered? Inversing that tendency, can we create the principle that would let us reconstruct the existing random configurations? If we repeat some simple procedures multiple times in different ways will the outcome be always the same? Do the factors determining transition from well-organized system to a state of chaos exist? If they do, then why?

Based on both your own observations of Szczecin and debatable and controversial theory, that the most difficult task is to generate the random configuration, build your own definition of the ENTRYPY phenomenon. Exploring your deep ways of the space perception, we want you to present the answer in perceptible, existing real form and show it’s presence in the space of Szczecin.
All of project made during the SUMMER OSSA 2014 in Szczecin architectural workshop will be presented in the Villa’s garden on Saturday and will stay there until the end of the summer holidays.




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