18.06.2014 / London


by Rodrigo García

On display at the RCA SHow. 18 June 2014 to 29 June 2014 | 12pm – 8pm BikeWOW.width-1000info here

WOW! is a exploration on innovation through magic.

Make the impossible possible. Convert fiction into reality. Is this magic or design?
The hypothesis of this project is that designers and magicians could share tools and objectives, as both are looking similar effects in order to create something that is not existing or impossible: invisibility, levitation, transposition, transformation, attraction, invulnerability…

How could techniques from magicians be applied to make useful objects in industrial design?

This experimental project aims to develop a WOW! methodology to be used in design, based on the different tools and magic effects, implementing them in everyday products in order to revolutionise them. Animated soccer balls, vanishing toilet paper cardboard rolls, the transformation of a regular bike, invisible mops, instant houses…



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