During one week DEVEBERE was running a workshop called Propaganda in
Okolice Instytutu Sztuki Wyspa as part of the events of OSSA Gdańsk 2013  

walkaztuba The students were: Daria Przybyłowska , Przemek Wróbel, Ewa Cempel, Maciej Gęsiarz, Aneta Kuć, Robert Lasota, Martyna Maciaszek, Katarzyna Oleksy, Piotr Orłowski, Aleksandra Polańska, Yuliya Sabaleuskaya, Gabriela Waśko, Nikola Weryk. And the tutors Maciej Siuda and Rodrigo Garcíapochod

fotos by Robert Lasota. More pictures and videos here

TUBEU a giant analog megaphone measuring 3×6 m, which was created as a symbol on the Shipyard of the Gdańsk. Where the Polish revolution began in the ’80, still can ring the freedom of speech …

TUBEU not only to amplify the voice of the populations – its main purpose is a digital transmission of all recorded sounds to the Internet.

TUBEU can manifest belief, counteract apathy, anger scream, to be heard, sing for pleasure, best wishes i .. share it all with literally all over the world!




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