Archi-box is a series of presentations on latest phenomena in contemporary architecture. It is a new program organized by the Museum of Architecture.

Groups of architects from Poland (Maciej Siuda and Jednorazowe Laboratorium Architektury, KameleonLab, +48 Grupa Projektowa) and Italy (AION Studio) have been invited to take part in the four-part series to be realized in 2013. Each serial contains open workshops, exhibition and a publication summary of the architects work. Curator: Michał Duda

The project is financially supported by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National heritage.



A Story of Architecture: Rogóżka

 Maciej Siuda and  Jednorazowe Laboratorium Architektury (Maciej Siuda and One-off Architecture Laboratory). The team is made up of: Katarzyna Dąbkowska, Adrian Wyparło, Łukasz Jagoda, Mateusz Sum, Tomasz Bojęć and Marta Zatoka

A Neverending Story

A long time age at the foothills of Czarno Góra there was a small village. Its inhabitants led a quiet life in natural surroundings around their modest homesteads. They were rather avoided by the turbulence of history, until one day they had to go away and new settlers came to their place. However with time changing living conditions  made them move to nearby cities and towns and nearly thirty years ago they finally left the village, leaving behind ghost houses. Buildings gradually disappeared and along with them memories of their former owners. Stone walls were pulled down, covered by wild plants, and eventually were completely destroyed.

In 2008 an article appeared in the press, the content of which was quickly picked up by national media: a village called Rogóżka – or rather, what was left of it – was offered for sale in its entirety, and interested in its purchased was one of the richest persons in Poland. After a brief turmoil, the interest of the press, radio and television dropped and once again silence prevails around Rogóżka.

The project formed in the framework of scene one of Archi-box is to be the next chapter in the history of Rogóżka, or maybe even a whole new story about passing and timelessness of architecture.

The main part of the exhibition scrupulously archives a month’s work on New Rogóżka project: starting from the idea, marking the first line, course of events and situations that affect its shape and finally to the acceptance of the last conception. This raises a question: to what extent does the project live on its own and is the effect of a mixture of talents, relations, compromises or various interests, and to what extent  is it the result of deliberate action of the architect. It is a mixture of organization with improvisation, rational choices with intuition, which allows to track the entire process of designing on the basis of  a 30-day work on the project.


New Definitions of Architecture

New methods of design are needed to create new and up-to-date architecture. At the exhibition we will show several projects that have sprung up as a result of search for such methods, based on connecting organization with improvisation, localism with globalism, individual ambition with team work. Only in this way can we strip-off  contemporary archi-creations from the layer of trendy kitsch and reach the purest and most original architectural forms.

Presented projects – XYZ Structure, Florist Shop, Outside House, Casa de Ricardo, DEVEBERE, School on Haiti, Inspiro Culture House, Dense Silence, Living Wall, Keyhole – were developed individually  by Maciej Siuda, in duet with Rodrigo García, with Balon Team and during workshops.


Archi-box opening – May 18, 2013 (Night of Museums)


May 19, 2013

* Nooks. Discovering of diversity in proportion in architecture. Design workshops for kids.

*No walls. At the joint of architecture and greenery. 

May 22–23, 2013

*Microworld. Designing the society of Rogóżka


May 25, 2013

*Vertical Villages. Perpendicular spatial and social relations.


May 26, 2013 

* Rogóżka. The new chapter.

Workshop registration: archibox.ma@gmail.com.



Exhibition opening – May 28, 2013 at 6 p.m.

Presentation of book and exhibition conclusion – June 23, 2013

Read more on: facebook.com/archiboxx, ma.wroc.pl 


Maciej Siuda  architect, graduate of Wroclaw University of Technology,  Faculty of Architecture,  thesis theme: XYZ STRUCTURE – nominated for national Zbyszek Zawistowski SARP awards for diploma of the year, which was on view at the Guggenheim Museum in New York; Archiprix international competition finalist, EEAA award of distinction: Present in Romania, BETON national competition – award of distinction. In 2005-2007 he was on scholarship at the Facultad de Arquitectura Politecnica de Valencia  and at SQ Arquitectos (Valencia) workshops. In 2008-2011 he worked as an architect at PO2 Arquitectos (Madryt), Sou Fujimoto Architects (Tokio) and Grupo Aranea (Alicante). Co-author of international architectural workshops IWAU. He teaches at the  School of Form, Faculty of  Industrial Design and gives lectures on design at Kielce University of Technology. Initiator of Balon Team workshops. He permanently co-designs and experiments with Rodrigo García González. He also started to develop his own design studio in 2012.



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