During the last days Rodrigo had been giving a hand with their installations to Javier Soto, with Onomeous


“Societies have never been so educated and active and despite the technological revolutions that are reshaping the world, the interaction between citizens and their representatives keeps on being reduced and anachronistic.

During the last years, new tools have appeared with the hope of bringing a closer interaction between citizens and governments, but the potential impact is far from being achieved, as they are used only by certain groups, familiar with its mechanisms.

The ‘Onomeos’ project explores a system to finally break through and make evident the benefits, whilst engaging the entire spectrum of society.

First, it embeds different tools under the same open-source platform, to deliver the information in a simple way, and facilitate the interaction.

Second, it proposes a set of avatars to in

teract with this platform, with different solutions becoming portholes to the Onomeos System, allowing tailored tools that are conformed to fit the different targets.

Designed to raise awareness, customised to fit the cultural peculiarities, these avatars will use design to intrigue the citizens and let them place themselves in the decision-making situation of the politicians. The first of them is an installation, which aims to engage people and create a landmark, a symbol, which acts as a window to the platform.

In the future, other portals will seque

ntially be added, from political toys to real time feedback about decisions, all of them linked to a single platform in order to get the active and informed engagement of every citizen.”


and to Colin McSwiggen with “Delphi 

” ‘Delphi’ is an oracle. It uses personal data to predict how your life will unfold in advance, helping you to realise goals and discover hidden connections between different areas of your activity. Would drinking less improve your sex life? Are your fitness goals realistic? When should you sleep tonight to finish the most work by the end of tomorrow? How will next week’s social engagements impact on your diet? ‘Delphi’ doesn’t have exact answers to these questions — but it knows more than you do. Visitors to the Show can use the Delphi interface to virtually pilot my life, seeing how their own decisions would affect my behaviour in the future.

Colin McSwiggen is a designer, programmer, writer and musician. He holds degrees in mathematics and physics from MIT and has contributed writing on design, music and politics to publications including Literary Review, The Boston Globe,Print, Jacobin and n+1. His work has been exhibited at the Wellcome Trust and the Seoul Design Foundation.” 

Both projects are shown in the RCA Annual show in South Kensington



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