Caught by Umeå

A European roadshow to capture creativity
Umeå reaches out to invite all of you to participate in the shaping of Umeå2014 in a way that no other capital of culture has done before. The capital of culture committee will stage a European roadshow in autumn 2013, called Caught by [Umeå].

About the roadshow
Caught by [Umeå] is a roadshow through Europe in September and October 2013 aiming to evoke curiosity and interest in Umeå’s year of capital culture 2014 and the northern parts of Sweden. The project is based on interaction between Umeå and several big European cities and countries where the roadshow makes stops.

In collaboration with Visit Sweden and ICEHOTEL, among others, a central meeting place is to be built up at every stop, where exciting experiences related to Umeå and Sweden will be displayed to capture all senses.

In and around it, visitors will be immersed in cultural expressions – exhibitions, music performances, culinary experiences, film screenings and so on.

Every central meeting place is aiming to inspire visitors by the Swedish way of life and Umeå’s progressive culture. We will also let the visitors experience the difference between summer and winter. Come and join us in a summer hammock or experience the professionals creating ice sculptures as you watch.

About the contest
With keywords such as progressive culture, co-creativity and passion, the Artists Caught by [Umeå] contest invites creative people to reflect on and interpret Umeå and northern Sweden.

Starting in April 2013, creators from all around the world are invited to compete in the categories Design, Photography and Film. In brief, contestants are to create an entry that expresses progressive culture with a connection to northern Sweden.

The finalists in the contest will be exhibited during the roadshow. A panel of experts in each country visited, together with a panel from Sweden, are to select national winners in the three categories that will qualify for the semi-finals. All of these winning entries will then be exhibited in the cities visited by the roadshow, where people can vote for their favourites. The winning entries will also be exhibited at a digital vernissage in Umeå during capital of culture year 2014 – Artists Caught by [Umeå].

Rodrigo García is part of the Jury


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