> Brandon Clifford (leader)

> Gijs Adriaansens
> Qiu Chang
> Huub Donkers
> Rodrigo García González
> Luis Eduardo Guísar Benítez
> Melanie Hammer
> Jungwoo Lee
> Raquel Mayorga
> Tian Qiu
> Sun Sheng
> Derk Thijs

Architecture is in a state of crisis. We operate in a society that is rapidly changing;however, we are burdened with our inheritance. This inheritance was designed for a society we no longer recognize. Just as Paris opened their narrow streets upon the discovery of germs. Just as New York built skyward upon the innovation of steel structures. We too will redefine our habitat.
Our approach to re-imagining New York City will operate through the lens of a Manifesto. This Manifesto will be comprised of two basic elements in no specific order. First being a projection of future social and cultural requirements. Second being an alteration in the materials, means and methods of making.
What does our culture require? How are we different from past cultures? Do we see a trend upon which we can project to our future culture? Questions such as these will beanswered with strong claims. Each claim for cultural requirements will merge with aparallel brainstorming session on materials and methods of making. If we previouslyassumed concrete, steel, wood, stone, and glass – would we now propose carbon fiber,EPS foam, and plastics? Or perhaps we would alter the methods of making to adjust theinherited materials?
Each claim will address the following three criteria.
• Establish convention
• This is an architectural problem
• State the proposed alteration

This collective manifesto will be the foundation for a series of experiments andinvestigations that will test and rarify the claims made in the case study of New YorkCity. While the foundation of this research (the Manifesto) is in the form of text, theexperiments will address the two parallel paths with their own required medium.
Experiments surrounding questions of materials, means and methods will manifest themselves in the form of making exercises, models, drawings, charts, etc. In addition to these somewhat conventional operations, we will leave our bubble regularly to take ourclaims to the streets (in the form of a derive). These derives will be programmed (andnot programmed) as a group (and sometimes not). We will investigate, test, and happen upon claims made in our brainstorming session. These experiences will manifest in the forms of interviews, found objects, anecdotes (true and false), frustrations, receipts, etc.
The apparent chaos in this process will manifest into a radical claim that will address our inherited history as well as detach us from the shackles of assumption.


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