ZIPIZIP is selected is selected by the participants as one of their most favourite projects! It received 19 votes.

Participants favourites

About the waters strength, designed by: Dipl.-Ing. Marie Luise Kister

Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen Fakultät für Architektur Aachen – Germany (23 votes)


A Defensive Architecture, designed by: Nicholas Adam Szczepaniak

The University of Westminster School of Architecture & Built Environment London – England (20 votes)


ZIPIZIP, designed by: Rodrigo García González

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura Madrid – Spain (19 votes)


Plastic (bag) Architecture, designed by: Zhi-Sheng Chen

Tamkang universities College of Engineering Tamsui – Taiwan (15 votes)


Sanatorium, designed by: Christian Tonko

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna Institute for Art and Architecture Vienna – Austria (15 votes)


Academy Music Dubai, designed by: Vagni Federico, Manasseri Ezequiel

Universidad Nacional de Rosario Faculdad de Arquitectura, Planeamiento y Diseno Rosario – Argentina (14 votes)


Architecture from Shade, designed by: Kensuke OHTSUKA

Tokai University Department of Architecture and Building Engineering Kanagawa – Japan (14 votes)


Berlin NEU-Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten, designed by: Gonzalo del Val

Universidad Europea de Madrid Escuela de Arquitectura Madrid – Spain (14 votes)


XYZ Structure, designed by: Maciej Siuda

Wroclaw University of Technology Faculty of Architecture Wroclaw – Poland (14 votes)


A Crime of Passion, designed by: Rachel Harding

Royal College of Art School of Architecture & Interior London – England (13 votes)


3S+G=Regeneration, designed by: Dongchoul Park

University of Seoul College of Urban Sciences – Program in Architecture Seoul – Korea, South (12 votes)


A Public Bathhouse, designed by: Ruann van der Westhuizen

University of Pretoria Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology Pretoria – South Africa (12 votes)


Spa Ferrando, designed by: Nicolás Newton, Gonzalo Parma

Universidad de la Republica – Uruguay Facultad de Arquitectura Montevideo – Uruguay (12 votes)


Superhuman Enticement, designed by: Julia Koerner

University for Applied Arts Vienna Institute of Architecture Vienna – Austria (12 votes)


Between the star and the moon, designed by: Kiyonori Sugiyama

Kanagawa University Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering Yokohama – Japan (11 votes)


Link City – Rinku リンク, designed by: Andri Klausen

Pratt Institute School of Architecture Brooklyn – United States (11 votes)


Penal (penitentiary) Institution, designed by: Kristina Ishkhanova

Moscou Architectural Institute – State Academy Moscow – Russia (10 votes)


Spaces, Poetics and Voids, designed by: Simone Pizzagalli

Delft University of Technology Faculty of Architecture Delft – Netherlands (10 votes)


The Mutant Tower, designed by: Erick Capeleti Carbone

Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul Departamento de Estruturas e Construção Civil Campo Grande – Brazil (10 votes)



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